Furniture Assembly

How we operate, do the job, and assemble your furniture?

Once you have bought something that needs to be assembled whether it comes in a flat pack from IKEA or another company in a big box and you choose not to build the furniture all you need to do is write us a short letter for a quote. We will contact you in 24 hours and if the price is acceptable for you, we can arrange a date and time when we can get to your place and do the job for you.

  • We will give you a time window for the furniture assembly – let’s say between 8 am and 9 am
    (because of the traffic it is hard to give an exact time)


  • So our installer(s) arrives 8:32 am who is clean, tidy and polite. Ready for furniture assembly.


  • Unpacks everything, checks every part for damages and starts the furniture assembly or appliances on the exact position where it is requested.


  • After the furniture assembly job is done you will be asked to check the furniture if you are happy with it.


  • The installer will leave the place in order, prior to furniture assembly.

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  • If it is requested after furniture assembly, we can take care of the rubbish for you, but it will cost a small amount of money as it takes time and fuel to dispose.

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